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Note: If you're having problems with the ClickOnce installer, go to Downloads and download the setup zip. The installer will automatically install .Net 4.5, which may require a restart.

Project Description

Password Protector allows you to securely store your passwords and usernames in one place using AES256 for encryption, which is the recommended cryptosystem used in Banks.

Password Protector uses a master password to encrypt your passwords, but it can also use optional 'key files' - small files that are required for the encryption/decryption process. You can put the file on any portable storage you keep with you (USB sticks, phones, music players...) to add an extra layer of security - even if someone knows the master password, if they don't have the key file, they can't get in!

Worried you might forget the master password? Password Protector comes with a recovery system that allows you to securely recover your passwords if you forget your master password or lose the key file (see Documentation for more information).


Password Protector

This is an ongoing development that's in its early stages, so with time it will get better - I intend to improve the UI and possibly adapt the program for use on a portable device (e.g. USB sticks). It doesn't work on XP at the moment, if you want me to add this, or contact me for any other reason, please email me at

What's New


In this version, I mainly concentrated on improving the User Interface in small ways:
  • Buttons now have helpful icons
  • Buttons are now animated
  • Changed 'Back' button on Add/Edit, fits Metro style better

  • Improved overall security when handling keys and passwords
  • Improved feedback and error reporting facilities
  • New 'Notes' and 'URL' fields
  • New User Interface, based on WPF (which may change over time, please tell me what you think of it)

In the Next Version

  • Settings
  • Items sorted by name again
  • Bug fixes

Long Term Plans

  • Backup system
  • Portable Version


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