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Password Protector Documentation

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  • 1. Using Password Protector

1. Using Password Protector

1.1 First Use - Master Passwords and Key files

When you first open the program, you must set the master password for the program - the password that will be used to encrypt all the information. However, you can use more than just a single password - you can use 'Key Files', which can be created when you set/change the master password. The idea is that this file is saved onto a removable device, such as a USB stick that you may keep with you, and is needed (along with the password) to decrypt to stored data - so you must store it in a place that other people can't access.

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If you need to contact me, you can use the 'Feedback' function in the Password Protector (options > Send Feedback), which can launch your email client and enter my email address ( and the subject fields automatically. However, sometimes the 'Launch Email Client' may not always work (due to system settings or antivirus), and so you can still manually open your usual email client and copy the fields across.

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